Coleen Merriss

Smith Monroe Gray Engineers, Inc. - Beaverton, Oregon

PNCE has administered the health benefits for our firm for many years.  We have fewer than 50 employees, so the Trust allows us to join forces with other engineering firms to lower our insurance premiums overall.  Beyond that, we are able to have the convenience of bundling health, dental, and life insurance premiums into one monthly billing.  PNCE offers several options for medical insurance with varying deductibles and co-pays, and allows more than one plan choice per firm.  Another great benefit to using the Trust is that they are COBRA administrators, so all we have to do is let them know of employee status changes and they send out the mandated paperwork in a timely manner.  Annual compliance notices are also generated by PNCE for us to distribute to the employees.  In addition, PNCE is willing to contact the insurance company directly with benefit-related questions on behalf of the employees, which can be a timesaver for the employee who may not know how to start the communication cycle.

Every fall, PNCE joins forces with Woodruff-Sawyer to present an insurance forecast for the upcoming year.  This is always enjoyable and informative, giving us a chance to see what can be expected from our insurance company and federal health care laws.  Woodruff-Sawyer has also been an asset to us in providing general HR information, both through monthly newsletters and in response to specific questions.

I would highly recommend using PNCE as a health benefits administrator for the consistent and helpful customer service they provide.