Message From The Trustees

As trustees of the PNCE H&W Trust we are pleased to offer a comprehensive benefits program run by members of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Oregon and Washington on behalf of member employers and their employees.

It is the PNCE Trust’s mission to provide competitive, quality and affordable healthcare choices to its membership and we have done so successfully since 1959. We do this by working closely with our healthcare partners to manage our program for long term success and when needed we have used our assets to reduce costs or to generate premium holidays.

We understand that information is key when it is time to make choices about your benefits program. We encourage you to review our program options carefully and select the right coverage for your firm’s unique needs.


  • Tom Jones, P.E.
    Chairman & Trustee

  • Scott Wallace, P.E.

  • Ralph Boirum, P.E.

  • Erik Peterson, P.E.

  • Gerry Heslin P.E.

  • Ignasius Seilie, P.E.