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  • Your firm may choose the definition of eligibility based on working 17.5 through 30 hours per week, applied uniformly to all employees. Your firm may also choose a uniform probation period before employees are eligible for coverage at first of the month following 0, 30, or 60 days.
  • Partners, sole proprietors and owner employees are not eligible unless they are full-time employees.
  • Eligible dependents include spouses, same-sex domestic partners, opposite-sex domestic partners and qualified dependent child(ren) up to age 26.
  • Dependents must enroll in the employee’s medical and/or dental and/or vision plan when the employee is initially eligible. If a dependent does not enroll when the employee is initially eligible and does not have other coverage, the dependent can only join the plan later at open enrollment. If the dependents should lose their coverage through another insurance plan during the year, those dependents can be added to the Trust’s medical and/or dental and/or vision plan as long as they enroll within 30 days of the loss of their other coverage.
  • Your firm may add the optional benefits or increase the basic life maximum at initial enrollment or annually at open enrollment time. Firms with less than 10 employees that choose to increase their basic life maximum at open enrollment will be required to submit evidence of insurability for all employees.
  • Firms that choose to add the optional LTD coverage at open enrollment will be subject to a 3/12 pre-existing conditions limitation.
  • If you do not apply for the Cascade Employee Assistance program at your initial enrollment, you may do so at a later date during periodic open enrollment sessions.
  • With the exception of optional increases in the basic life benefit and additional life, there are no health evidence requirements for any size of group.